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Belgian quality

About us

As no other, everyone at Deligout knows the strength of an authentic recipe. In the meantime, Deligout has acquired 30 years of experience. And the next generation is eager to add just as many years.

 Meet the Deligout team:

Jean De Grande


Jean was born with a great passion for equestrian sports. In 1988 he became Belgian show jumping champion. Jean started producing waffles in 1987.

De Grande - Van Welden


Marijke comes from a family of butchers and shares a passion for horses with Jean. She keeps a tight rein on the administration at Deligout.

Jean-Marc De Grande

head of production/quality control/technology/purchasing

For Jean-Marc it was really clear even as a child: he was set on becoming a waffle baker. Here, he takes care of everything connected with production (and more!).

Fran├žoise De Plancke


Françoise has loved making desserts since she was young. The switch to waffles was easily made. She is responsible for the commercial side of baking waffles.

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Inspiration & recipes

In our 30 years of experience we discovered some delicious combinations with our waffles. Curious about some possibilities?