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Belgian quality

Traditional Belgian waffles

Our family recipe may be a secret, the taste of our waffles certainly is not.

Never did a secret recipe taste so good!

The master bakers of Deligout have kept the authentic recipe of their delicious waffles a secret since 1987. The unique flavour and their broad experience ensure a waffle-strong reputation.

Taste our unique strenghts

Authentic recipe

The Deligout waffle is still made just like the first waffle that left the waffle iron in 1987. The secret recipe produces a delicious waffle with a refined flavour. In over 30 years in the meantime, the family company has developed into a modern market leader in the sector. Constant innovation and striving for unique quality ensure that each Deligout waffle is the real deal.

Quality thanks to food safety

In a modern company, not only production is important. At Deligout, quality and food safety are high on our list of priorities, as our IFS certificate proves. Each Deligout waffle meets the highest standards and requirements imposed by the food industry.

Brussels waffles

Waffles are a typical Belgian culinary specialty. The most famous variety undoubtedly comes from Brussels. Brussels waffles are rectangular, very light and are served hot. The tastiest square is a square of waffle. Especially if it is a Deligout waffle...

Our mouth-watering range

24 small squares


15 large squares


12 small squares

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Inspiration & recipes

In our 30 years of experience we discovered some delicious combinations with our waffles. Curious about some possibilities?