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Belgian quality


Why our waffles are chosen? The secret is:

  • our professional know-how,
  • our passion for baking waffles,
  • and our secret recipe.

In addition, every Deligout waffle meets the very highest quality standard, that goes without saying.

Our traditional waffles are made with margarine and are available in three sizes.

24 small squares


15 large squares


12 small squares


The Deligout waffle is also available:


with butter

savoury waffle



Or a combination of the above. Ask the waffle specialist!

The advantages of Deligout

In addition to their authentic recipe and constant high quality, Deligout waffles are handy and come in user-friendly packaging. The waffles are frozen (-22°C) and have a long shelf life without any loss of quality.

What is the best way to heat a Deligout waffle?

The secret to a crispy waffle with a soft inside is heating it correctly. Heat the frozen waffle for about 4 minutes in an oven preheated to 200°C. This is a nice plus in professional kitchens where the oven is barely switched off.


No oven? No problem!

Heating the waffle for about 1.5 minutes in a waffle iron or 2 minutes in a toaster works just as well.

Oven= ± 4min.

Waffle iron= ± 1.5min.

Toaster= ± 2min.

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Inspiration & recipes

In our 30 years of experience we discovered some delicious combinations with our waffles. Curious about some possibilities?